Wardrobe Stylist
Costume Designer
For Television, Advertising, Print and all other types of media

Union Member -Local 477

Email: Naty@natypineda.com
Twitter: naty_pineda
Instagram: supernaty

Fashion Stylist /Merchandiser
Performing a variety of jobs in the retail, fashion, and design industries, Naty has accumulated over ten years of applied and practical experience. She has worked at a variety of trade shows throughout the country, representing high end denim manufactures as well as promoting tourism and sales for the retail industry. In the wholesale environment, Naty developed significant experience in purchasing, design, production, and the promotion and marketing of materials for a variety of brands. After venturing in the world of retail management, she developed her skills as a visual merchandiser setting the path into the world of merchandising and later Fashion Styling.

As a fashion stylist, her work has deeply involved the development of creative solutions to meet the needs of each project. This practical approach has allowed her to thrive as a freelance, personal fashion stylist for the last Ten years with a growing and diverse clientele of all ages, backgrounds and professions. That originality, and a natural eye for the esthetic, set the stage for the establishment of Natypineda.com.

Naty brings over ten years of management and marketing experience and her talent to create stunning and eclectic visual images.